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Our Products: EkoStock Stock Management System


On-line billing and stock management module for retail stores and companies

EkoStock is an Online Web Based Inventory Software module is PHP and MySQL based, user friendly and Interactively designed program.

Main Features

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Main Features

  1. Internet Cloud - Point of Sale that has full web based operations. Your entire retail operation is accessible wherever you go. Since it is cloud-based, you can implement EkoStock in a new store from any remote location. You'll be ready to open the doors and start selling - without even having to visit the store.
  2. Mobility - Cloud-based system allows access from anywhere at any time with a computer, tablet and even mobile phone. EkoStock becomes an Android point of sale table by just using the built-in web browser
  3. Simplicity - Prevents errors and reduces training time and expenses, Processes sales quickly makes common tasks fast and easy
  4. Control - With data in a central database, you can get an overall view of multiple locations, complete control over your retail operations. You gain complete control over your retail operations. Make better strategic decisions
  5. Operations - Perform all common tasks and POS operations on a single screen such as discount, tax, billing and many more
  6. Workflow - EkoStock is designed to guide you through each step of your workflow. It displays and prompts you to enter relevant information for the task you want to carry out through each step of your workflow
  7. Process Flow - EkoStock is designed with an intuitive and retail process-oriented screen layout. Navigation is easy and reduces employee training time and error. Common tasks can be performed with unprecedented ease and speed
  8. Employee Access - You can assign employee access rules and track every employee action.
  9. Measure Performance - By using context-sensitive reports, you can access data by store, group of stores, employee, and inventory.
  10. Multiple Stores - All stores share a common data set, such as product references, price lists, and vendors that can be centrally modified. This prevents double entries and other needless duplication of effort.
  11. Record Everything - EkoStock records everything as sales happen or any other modifications are made. And it can provide you with a complete trail of events with time stamps for all operations. So all data can be traced back to the user who created or modified it. You can forget about unaccountable actions.
  12. Product Management - Easily manage products with any unit of measurement (by volume, pack, quantity, weight) and/ or services. Quickly check product transactions and movement history for any items, purchases, stock take, inventory, along with other data, by clicking on the product icon. Create as many warehouses as you need to track various inventory levels.
  13. Ongoing Stock Counting - You'll never have to close a store to do a stock check. Now, you can instruct your staff to do ongoing stock counts whenever your employees have time to do it. EkoStock will keep a record and notify you of changes.
  14. Vendor Management - Create vendor profiles to track them, determine such things as how many products and the value of the products you're buying from each, email purchase orders to them, and remind those who are late on delivery.
  15. Reports - The dashboard provides a visual report of all of the most common key performance reports of your shop. The POS never replaces, erases or loses any information during modifications to its database, so you can pinpoint inventory levels and movements any time. Choose the reference and the time period you want to check and EkoStock will keep a record and notify you of any changes. EkoStock generates complete purchase reports. So you're always on top of what you bought and what you may need to buy.

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Dashboard for site management

You can extract more detailed, time based report for each stock item by double clicking on the stock item record in the 3rd level sub grid. A new dashboard window will be shown for each individual stock item.

Manage your products

Every company can post their products from adding products. Traders can post items or special offers. Many traders use it for clearing stocks or to list any items that they want to sell. Buyers can also post their needs here.

Main Features

  • Internet Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Simplicity
  • Control
  • Operations
  • Workflow
  • Process Flow
  • Employee Access
  • Measure Performance
  • Multiple Stores
  • Record Everything
  • Product Management
  • Ongoing Stock Counting
  • Vendor Management
  • Reports